Gills Club at The National Aquarium

One of the best pars about home schooling with a co-op is that you get to combine the resources of dozens of families all looking to push the boundaries of their child’s education. This often times brings to light unexpected opportunities that you as a parent may not have thought of. This past weekend M1 got the chance to participate in one such event, by attending the newly formed Gills Club at the Baltimore Aquarium.

Shark Tooth Identification.jpg

The Gills Club seeks to harness a girl’s “passion for sharks, nature and the environment by giving the opportunity to engage in projects focused on making a significant impact on the way sharks are perceived by the public.” Girls age 13 and younger can join the Club online and through monthly newsletters and hands-on learning at several locations across the United States. One of those locations is the recent is The National Aquarium in Baltimore, with two-hour classes being taught by female scientists.

Black Tip Reef.jpg

Our first class introduced Club members to the differences between fish species and sharks, different parts of a shark’s anatomy, and shark facts and myths. At the end of class, each girl was given the opportunity to identify a number of different sharks teeth and then choose one to make a necklace out of. Classes are free and afterwards, you can spend time in the Blacktip Reef. For more information, visit the Gills Club website or The National Aquarium’s Gills Club site where you can find meet-up dates that occur each month.


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