Week 3 Review – Egyptians Lived on the Nile River

This week focused primarily on the early kingdom of ancient Egypt and the joining of the Upper and Lower kingdoms. Attention was also paid to the role of gods and goddesses in the early dynastic period.

Story of the World:

Listened to the audiobook version for Story of the World for Chapter 2, which included tracks Two Kingdoms Become One and Gods of Ancient Egypt.


We actually held off on projects this week because we were busy starting two co-ops and had a number of other appointments. Plus, we really wanted to focus on upcoming projects dealing with writing and mummification. Both M1 and M2 did drawings from SotW’s activity book on Set and Isis and completed the map activity highlighting the joining of the Upper and Lower Egypt by Menes. Projects recommend by SotW included building a shepherd’s crook, the combined crown of the Upper and Lower kingdoms, and making a miniature model showing flooding of the River Nile.

Read Aloud:

Croco’nile by Roy Gerrard. Great children’s book that focuses on two children who hitch a ride aboard a boat cruising up the Nile River in Ancient Egypt. Both children become artists and are kidnapped for their skills. They are later saved by their pet crocodile and return to their house. The illustrations are great and the book highlights the importance of the annual flood of the Nile.

Watch Together:

Watched, Ancient Egypt: Crash Course in World History #4. This is more of an overview of all of Ancient Egypt, so you can return and watch over and over again.

Horrible Histories:

Pharaoh Report


Listen Together:

Played the audio book Magic Treehouse, Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. Children can take quiz for reading comprehension at http://www.magictreehouse.com after signing up for an account.


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