Week 1 Review – How Do We Know What Happened

Story of the World:

Listened to the audiobook version for Story of the World, How Do We Know What Happened on three separate occasions. Completed review questions and narration exercise.

Read Aloud: 

Archaeologist Dig for Clues, by Kate Duke (Harper Collins 1997). Great overview of the archaeology process told in a manner similar to the Magic School Bus Books. There is a narrator providing an overview of the activity, with conversations between the kids and adults contributing additional insight. This book helped provide context to an archaeology site we visited in 2015 in York, England.


Personal History: Had M1 complete personal histories for herself and her parents. Provided overview of genealogy, to include pedigree and documenting personal history.

In-House Archaeology Dig: Used kinetic sand, glass dish and objects around the house to create an archaeology dig site. Had M1 map finds on paper to provide a context to what she was finding.

Archaeology Site Visit: In 2015, we visited a dig site at the The Shrine and Parish Church of All Saints North Street in York, England. The focus of the dig was the yard, which contained artifacts from the 19th Century back to the Roman occupation of England. You can read more about the dig site at ArchaeologyLive.


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